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Avocado and Mango Farm

Nestled on 430 acres of prime land in the southern region of Dominican Republic, this Avocado farm is a shining example of sustainability and innovation. The expansive farm is not only a testament to the breathtaking beauty of the region but also a symbol of our commitment to responsible agriculture

A Solar-Powered Oasis

The farm is fully solar-powered, harnessing the abundant Dominican sunshine to fuel our operations. This eco-friendly approach not only reduces our carbon footprint but also ensures a consistent and renewable energy source.

A Bounty of High-Value Crops

The farm currently yields three high-value crops, carefully selected to thrive in the rich and fertile soil of the region. These crops are a testament to the potential of the land and the dedication of the team.

Smart Irrigation and Water Management

With an investment in cutting-edge irrigation systems and water reservoirs, guaranteeing efficient water usage while nurturing the crops. This commitment to smart water management safeguards against waste and supports the local ecosystem.

A Journey to Organic Certification

As proponents of responsible farming, this farm is on the path of achieving USDA organic certification. The "almost organic" fruit is in the process of being certified, ensuring that the fruits meet the rigorous standards of certified organic produce.

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