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Eco-Industrial Park

Grow it. Package it. Store it. Sell it. Ship it. The power of critical mass.

A Vision for Food Security

In the Caribbean region, achieving the '25 by 2025' food security goals is our driving force. We believe in thinking big and acting boldly. That's why we've developed a visionary approach: large-scale, vertically integrated mixed-use development hubs. Our EIP, strategically positioned near the Port of Haina and the Port of Caucedo, embodies this vision.

A Complete Farm-to-Market Solution

Within our EIP, we've woven a seamless farm-to-market solution. From greenhouse food production to inbound distribution centers, agri-processing plants, packaging facilities, and extensive cold and dry storage, we've got it all covered. You focus on your business; we'll take care of the rest.  By bringing together food wholesalers, value-add processors, packaging experts, and logistics pros under one integrated roof, we're catalyzing the expansion of the island's food supply chain. When you partner with us, you're not just a tenant; you're part of a thriving ecosystem where businesses thrive.

A Hub for Diverse Industries

Our EIP isn't just about agriculture; it's a one-stop solution for a wide range of industries. Whether you're in agriculture, tourism, pharmaceuticals, meat, seafood, cosmetics, or more, our park is designed to fuel your growth. We're also a central hub for local co-ops and small farmers, providing top-of-the-line, eco-friendly facilities, warehousing, and logistics services.

Nearshoring Made Easy

For American businesses looking to optimize, our EIP offers a unique nearshoring solution. Move your production facilities closer to your home market, reducing labor costs and streamlining delivery times. It's a win-win for your business and the local economy.   Join us at our Eco-Industrial Park in Santo Domingo and be a part of a visionary movement that's transforming the landscape of agribusiness, sustainability, and economic growth. Together, we're not just imagining the future; we're building it.

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