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Ocoa Avocado Farm

This avocado farm in the southern region of the Dominican Republic is a 500-acre oasis of sustainable agriculture. More than just a farm; it is a shining example of eco-conscious farming practices and quality produce.

Strategic Location

The farm enjoys a strategic location near the Ocoa River and is surrounded by a community of dedicated avocado farmers. With approximately 27,000 avocado trees, a harmonious blend of Hass and Tropical varieties, and additional agricultural ventures like tomato and pigeon pea production, we're deeply rooted in the local food scene.

Nurturing Relationships

The primary goal is to become the leading supplier of avocados and tropical fruits in the region and beyond. We're achieving this through our unwavering commitment to sustainable agriculture, the production of top-quality organic products, and the implementation of modern farming techniques.

The Regenerative Promise

As the land transitions to regenerative farming, it has a significant advantage with two water reservoirs on the property. These reservoirs ensure that the crops are well-hydrated, leading to abundant yields that meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

Nurturing Relationships

Not just about Avocados; it's cultivating relationships. The commitment to excellence extends to every interaction with our customers. We aim to provide a seamless experience from farm to table.

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