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Organic Soybeans and Grains

Sowing Organic: Soybean, Corn, and Sorghum Farming in the Dominican Republic.

Cultivating Sustainable Agriculture

Embark on a journey through the lush landscapes of both southern and northern Dominican Republic, where we are on a mission to cultivate organic grains and soybeans. Our goal is twofold: to serve local communities and our US clientele.

A Flourishing Tapestry of Crops

In this exciting venture, our fields will teem with organic corn, sorghum, sunflowers, and peanuts. We are wholeheartedly dedicated to uplifting cooperative efforts and partnering with local farmers. We provide expert guidance, non-GMO organic seeds, and fertilizers that meet both USDA and international quality benchmarks.

Pioneering Regenerative Agriculture

Holistic Solutions proudly stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the Ministry of Agriculture, spearheading the nation's inaugural regenerative agriculture program. This visionary partnership has given rise to the Dominican Soybean Association and Dominican Grain Association, the very first of their kind in the country.

A Vision for the Future

As we look ahead, our commitment extends beyond organic farming. We are educating our farmers and implementing regenerative farming practices that promise higher crop quality and a significantly reduced environmental footprint. Together, we are cultivating a sustainable future for the Dominican Republic and, by extension, the wider world. Join us on this path towards a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.

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